Adsorbents Market to Record Sturdy Growth by 2017 – 2027

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adsorbents market is finding its way to progression, with an increase in the
scope of application

With the increase in the application
of adsorbents, the market is expected to witness steady growth in the coming
years. Some of the applications of adsorbents
include petrochemicals, chemical, water

treatment, food processing, air
separation & drying, pharmaceutical and others. Every area of application
of adsorbents in the market can help people in different ways. In the gas
industry, the process of adsorption is used for drying of industrial gases such
as catalytic reforming recycle gas, steam cracked gas, LNG, methyl chloride,
synthesis gas etc., in purification of liquids and gases. In water plants, it
is used for removal of arsenic and fluoride from water, in water DE
fluoridation process etc.

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In the most lucrative application
segment, i.e. petroleum refining, the adsorption process is used for removal of
HCl, H2S and water from reformer streams, nitriles from etherification feed,
oxygenates from etherification raffinate streams and alkylation feed,
desulfurisation and dehydration of LPG streams, Dehydration of alkylation feed,
refinery gas streams prior to cryogenic separation, naphtha and diesel oil,
separation of normal paraffins from cyclic compounds and branched chain etc.

According to the research report,
among all the major application areas, the petroleum and petrochemicals segment
leads with an expected market size of over US$ 2,000 Mn by the end of 2027.
However another application area arising as a tough competitor for
petrochemicals is food processing, which is expected to register the highest
growth rate of 5.5% during the forecast period.

The global adsorbents market likely to experience growing
demand and opportunities from industries like petroleum, pharmaceuticals, and

Over the past years, the rise in
demand for petroleum products has marked the growth of petroleum refining. The
first step after exploration of crude oil as well as natural gas is the removal
of water content i.e. dehydration. During dehydration, molecular sieves are
predominantly used as adsorbents. A rise in the production of crude oil &
natural gas is expected to drive the adsorbents market over the forecast

In the pharmaceuticals industry, the
maintenance of the quality of products has resulted in more attention being
given to manufacturing processes. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are placing more
emphasis to quality checking, which involves adsorbents in processes such as
instrument drying, drying of air-synthesis products and deodorisation. Even the
food industry has witnessed the need for adsorbents.

That is mainly due to the use of
chromatography that uses silica gel adsorbent. The usage of silica gel in
column chromatography for research activities linked with pharmaceuticals and
biopharmaceuticals has improved during the past few years.

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Asia Pacific – currently the dominating region in the
global adsorbents market – is helped by the packaging industry

All the small and major companies are
attentive towards their logistics. Most of the industries want to ensure the
safety of their products. In order to protect their products from moisture,
manufacturers use desiccants such as silica gel. Additionally, apart from
pharmaceuticals and food, the electronics industry can also be considered as an
emerging market for desiccants. The number of electronic enterprises are
increasing rapidly in some countries such as China, Japan, South Korea,

Taiwan, etc. and therefore, the demand
for desiccants for the packaging of electronic devices is increasing. This is
expected to boost revenue growth of the global adsorbents market in the coming


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