Chopper Pumps Market Cost Estimation, Sales, Expenses Analysis-2030

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Future of Chopper Pumps Market Tilting towards “Agriculture” Vertical

As per a report available on XploreMR, the global chopper pumps market is slated to grow at a staggering rate in the years to come.

The municipal and industrial settings ask for chopper pumps as wastewater treatment is imperative in the wake of ever-increasing urbanization. Chopper pumps do quell clogging by having broken down heavy solids, so as to facilitate a smooth passage.

Chopper Pumps Market: The Latest Happenings

VFDs’ (Variable Frequency Drives) incorporation is accelerating the adoption of chopper pumps. They are equipped such that pressure or flow could be adjusted as per the actual demand. This results in cost-effectiveness as well. Space saving could also be achieved as end-users could invest lesser in the “wet well size”. The other well-known application of chopper pumps is generation of organic fertilizers by being deployed in manure slurries, which could, in turn, be used all across agro-based end-industries.

The manufacturers are also shifting to production of “green” chopper pumps. Plus, IoT and big data are being used to construct “smart water pumps”. So, it could be inferred that “smart green water pumps” construction is on the anvil. Ergonomics is all set to leave an indelible mark on the chopper pumps market. As such, dynamic business models could be seen in the near future. Therefore, chopper pumps market is expected to witness innovative ripples going forward.

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Going by product type, there are cantilever chopper pumps, end suction chopper pumps, self-priming chopper pumps, vertical dry pit chopper pumps, submersible chopper pumps, and vertical wet well chopper pumps. By outlet diameter, there are Above 150 mm, 100-150 mm, 50-100 mm, and up to 50 mm.

Covid-19 Impact

Though the outbreak of Covid-19 has stalled the production of chopper pumps since Mar 2020 due to partial/total lockdown inflicted all across; the year 2021 is expected to witness normalcy along these lines.

Chopper Pumps Market: Region-wise Tete-a-Tete

The global chopper pumps market constitutes North America (Canada, US), Eastern Europe (Russia and Poland), Western Europe (Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Belgium, Nordic countries, Italy, Spain, France, UK, Germany), Asia-Pacific (New Zealand, Australia, ASEAN, Japan, India, China), MEA (North Africa, Southern Africa, GCC), and Latin America (Chile, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, and others).

Europe holds more than 25% of the overall market due to the presence of loads of medium and small enterprises engaged in production of chopper pumps. The UK and US are also witnessing an upswing in terms of industrial, agricultural, and the food processing landscape, thereby upscaling chopper pumps herein.

Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at the fastest pace as more than 50% of the demand for chopper pump comes from China owing to promulgation of paper and pulp industry.

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Competitive Analysis

The key players in the chopper pumps market include Landia A/S, Eddy Pump, Xylem Inc., Cornell Pump Co., Vaughan, and Sulzer Ltd. They are on the innovation spree with the objective of reduction in capital expenditure and maintenance costs. For instance – Ireland would soon be witnessing installation of a long shaft biogas chopper pump. DPS Ltd. would be installing it. The end-product is expected to be “agricultural products” out of cow slurry.

Also, Vaughan holds the distinction of registering more than 20 patents for hoards of innovative products tabled by it. Recently, the company ended up supplying chopper pumps to “McCain Foods”, so as to aid them in cleaning up bean waste that used to clog the latter’s systems regularly.

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