List of 5 Best Salon Equipment for Your New Salon

Written by tuscanypro

Are you looking forward to opening a salon?

Are you confused about what salon equipment you need to start a salon?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

To start any business, there are specific tools and equipment you need to keep its foundation. Similarly, there are some vital equipment required to start a salon in a dignified way.

Many people know the major equipment required in the salon, but many small pieces of equipment do not get the limelight but make a significant part of the Best Salon Equipment list. This article will discuss all the best salon equipment, big or small, for you to take note of. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Makeup Chairs

Makeup chairs play an essential role in a salon. It would not be incorrect if we call it the backbone of the salon.

Ensure the chair you bring should be durable, worth your money, and comfortable for your clients. It should be water-resistant, and it should support work accessories like a removable brush holder, storage net, a storage pouch, etc.


Have you ever seen a salon without mirrors? A no mirror salon will be a complete tragedy. Every client visiting the salon is there to get a makeover subtly or flashy just to look good. Therefore, to make them believe that you’ve done good work, your salon desperately needs mirrors.

Professional Makeup Lights

The leading equipment that every salon needs apart from the mirror lights. We never notice this thing, but every salon has some extra lights. It helps the makeup artist have a clear look of your skin or hair, or you are there for whatever reason.

When you buy professional makeup lights for your salon, make sure that portable, compact, lightweight, have spare bulbs, umbrellas, and a stand. Most of all, don’t forget to verify the quality of the light. To see the quality of light, see if it can spread all over a large area.

Makeup Tables

Along with chairs in the salon, tables are also the most required equipment. The makeup table that you buy for your salon should be easy to handle and user-friendly. The salon tables can be shifted from one place to another, so they should be lightweight. Make sure the table is portable and foldable, so it becomes easy to carry. Being lightweight doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the quality of the table. High-quality aluminum material is recommended in-salon makeup tables.

Makeup and Hair Storage Cart

To reduce your time at work, this cart is helpful and gives you ample room to keep your hair essentials in one place. It should have polyester washable cloth, external pockets for easy accessibility, and a handle to troll it if you have to carry it somewhere.


These are the five best salon equipment that you are definitely going to need. If you want to buy some essential equipment online for your new salon at an affordable price, visit TuscanyPro now.

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