How To File A Travel Assistance Insurance Claim?

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A mishap can happen at any time while on the trip. In these hard times, you must prepare yourself beforehand with travel assistance insurance. Travel insurance can protect against the risk of an unfortunate event and can be your savior.

For instance, you are on a trip, and suddenly you fall ill and need hospitalization for treatment. As uncertain as this situation is, it equally demands the protection of travel insurance.

Now, comes the daunting part – filing Travel Assistance Insurance claim! But, worry not, we have you covered. Below are some helpful tips on how you can make a successful claim on your insurance.

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1. Keep All Your Insurance Documents Handy

This is an imperative step if you want to make a successful claim. You need to carry a copy of ID proofs and other important documents along with the policy documents. Besides, make sure you have a copy of everything at your back home.

As the company would want to see the proof of expenses, you might want to keep the receipt of purchases securely.

2. Contact The Travel Insurance Provider At The Earliest

Claims and claims questions should be addressed directly to your travel insurance company. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your coverage and claims. Also, you need to call the travel insurance company and inform them of the situation at the right time.

They will advise you in a better way regarding processing, documentation, and how to speed up the process. Additionally, travel insurance companies provide 24/7 assistance to help you when you need it.

You can benefit from this service. Ask them any question; you might have, without any hesitation.

3. Report Incidents And Thefts As Soon As They Happen

In spite of vigilance, if you lose your things, such as baggage or valuable belongings, make sure to file a complaint with the police or contact the airlines / local authorities / the hotel to report the problem immediately.

You will need to show proof of any incident you are making a claim, by giving a complete written record of the facts. Police reports and shreds of evidence are essential documents that your insurer can request before processing your claim.

Given below is a list of essential documents you will need to file a claim:

  • Proof of payments and unused tickets in case of trip cancellation
  • Receipts and bills covering all the expenses in case of trip cancellation
  • Police reports for car collisions and stolen baggage
  • For medical claims, you must carry an explanation of diagnosis from the doctor.
  • If your baggage was delayed, carry the proof from the airline.

Final Thoughts

We hope the above tips have made the filing of your claim easier and quicker. Should you need any help with your claim, you can get in touch with us right away.

Further, if you are planning a trip and still haven’t got the travel assistance insurance, click here for the best travel assistance insurance with amazing benefits and features. With several providers, you can choose the one that caters to your requirements.



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