Which Plan Are You Selecting From itravelinsured Travel Insurance?

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Itravelinsured Travel Insurance

How will you feel if your trip costs you double or maybe more than that you had expected? It will be disappointing, and undoubtedly it will harm you. Perhaps after such a depressing journey that affects you financially, you will stop going for an abroad trip.

Therefore, it is vital for you that before traveling overseas get reliable and suitable insurance for you. Undoubtedly trip insurances are abundant out there, but to select the one, which is constant, is difficult. But, iTravelinsured Travel Insurance is among the leading supplier of travel insurance.

Why Itravelinsured?

iTravelinsured travel insurance has a parent company, which is the International Medical Group. The high profile clients are an example of the reliability of this company. From business people, missionary groups, expatriates, entertainers, government entities, maritime officers, and vacationers, everybody is a happy client of iTravelinsured.

The significant features of this company are that it connects you with government travel and passport information, background on your travel destination, and the current weather. Further to get a claim, you have to upload and submit necessary forms.

What Options Do You Get In Itravelinsured?

  • Travel Lite

Who does not want plenty of amazing benefits with travel insurance? Yes, Travel Lite by iTravelinsured Travel Insurance comes with dozens of merits. Not just a few, here you get a bucketful of benefits to make your trip happy and memorable forever.

This plan is primarily there for the travel-related common problems, such as trip cancellation and trip interruption. But do not think this is just it. Further, it has several vital benefits for you, such as identity theft. Identity theft is a bit unique from the reimbursement benefits along with any travel insurance. In this, you get access to services, which help you to seek out the problems regarding stolen identity. Along with these, iTravelinsured furnishes you with hazardous sports, 24 hours assistance, medical emergency coverage, etc.

  • Travel LX

Traveling is fun, and thus, iTravelinsured travel insurance comes up with some better options in insurance for you. Travel LX is one of those plans, which can benefit you to a maximum extent. It furnishes you with the highest coverage in cases of trip cancellation. Be it a medical emergency, work emergencies, or any other reasons for trip cancellation, Travel LX plan ensures the best coverage.

The rental car is one of the benefits, which helps you in cases where you have hired a rental car. Sometimes we hire cars for traveling as per our wish, but by chance, your rental car gets damaged, what will you do? This rental car benefit by travel insurance protects you in such cases, by providing adequate coverage. Moreover, you also get benefits such as 24-hour assistance, Common carrier AD&D, Hazardous sports, etc.

  • Travel SE

The master of domestic as well as international destinations, this travel SE plan by iTravelinsured travel insurance, gives multiple benefits to you. There are plenty of reasons why one can go with this insurance plan.

Here, you get benefits such as hazardous sports for any injury that can happen to the traveler during the trip. If you are an adventure admirer, you might know the risks of adventure sports. There are possibilities of getting hurt while trying the activities. Although the activities are fun to work, safety must be on top of the priority list always. Hazardous sports are vital for players who are visiting abroad, especially for games.

Further, you can also get benefits such as Schengen Visa, Rental car, Identity theft, 24 Hour AD&D, Common carrier AD&D, and much more.


Travel Insurance Masters only have trusted insurance providers. One such trusted insurer is iTravelinsured travel insurance, which gives you three amazing plans to select according to the nature of your trips and also considering your pocket.

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