Andrea Abeli Is Something More Than A Model

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Your confidence is something that helps you overcome all odds in life; it helps you become a success story. In the field of modeling, it depends on your self-confidence, the way you dress is absolutely important, if you are a slim or perhaps a + size model type. If you are looking for an example of this type, all you have to do is look at the achievements and the career picture of Andrea Abeli. Andrea Abeli is one of the most popular models of the present, especially in the + size category. She is not just a model, but more than that.

Born in 1984, Andrea began her journey from her home in Romania. Already in her very own childhood, Andrea had the desire to explore the world. With dreams in her eyes, she then left her own country and spent time in some of the big cities of the world such as London, Milan, Miami, and even Barcelona. After completing her degree in law, Andrea Abeli wanted to try online marketing, web design, and even photography.

Her Appearance And Her Impressive Figure

It was in the year 2012 when Andrea Abeli entered the modeling arena. Andrea Abeli’s appearance, as well as her impressive figure, was the triggers to make her very own brand known on the Internet. In the year 2014, Andrea Abeli ventured into online marketing, which led to great results. As a model, she herself knows how she can help other models get the right kind of exposure in modeling.

Andrea Abeli skills as an expert in branding cannot be questioned. In that sense, Andrea Abeli says: I think that Instagram can be the best platform to showcase your very own talents and abilities. The presence of social media platforms such as Instagram and also Facebook has left conventional auditions methods as a thing of the past. I would forever favor the use of social media strategy when it comes to branding, she says.

Andrea Abel currently has more than 2 million followers on Instagram. This is proof of her popularity and a strong presence on the social media platform. Her natural great curves have truly aided her stand out from the crowd out there. From the promotion of the brand to the modeling, Andrea Abel journey has actually been exciting. She has really been successful in building her own style and momentum. Over time, Andrea Abel will definitely achieve more in your life.

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