Digital Marketing – a Skill Best Refined with Practice

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Digital marketing is ever evolving. One needs to keep himself/herself updated with the latest trends in the market. Google keeps changing its algorithms and social media platforms make changes to their rules for the maximum benefit for all. How does one learn all of this? No course will teach you the practical implementations in real time. Once you have studied digital marketing you are on your own and keeping your skills refined and sharp is the only way forward. How the Role of digital marketing is beneficial in real life and how it affects real time business can only be understood by putting all that theory to practice.

Digital Marketing – a Skill Best Refined with Practice

Learning digital marketing is the first step. Next is the implementation. The real issues are understood and dealt with when one starts implementing the steps of digital marketing. One can start their own website or blog. Then the real magic of digital marketing begins. You get to apply all of the Digital marketing options on your own blog at your own risk. You are your own boss, no questions asked. Today a website can be opened on any topic of your choice. To start a website, you first need to register a domain name. A .com is used for an international website and costs slightly more than an .in or a .net website.

Depending on the audience you are targeting you can select your domain extension. Next you need to select a web hosting. Shared hosting is the cheapest option. Web hosting is nothing but buying a space on the server of the company offering the server. The other options are cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. But these are not recommended for someone who is just starting out as an individual blogger. There are also free hosting options, but these come with a bunch of problems. Setting up a website/blog is extremely important and can be considered the first main step in the practical understanding and implementation of Digital marketing.

Next is to under how Content Management Systems (CMS) works. The best CMS is Word Press. Word press comes mostly free with the web hosting. Word press makes it very easy for one to establish their website. Make sure to buy the SSL certificate. This is needed to secure your website, and also show the users and the search engines that your website is secure to visit. Now that you are almost set with all the hard parts done, you can start implementing the various options of digital marketing that you have learnt.       You are now set to publish your work and allow the world to see it.

You can write good quality blogs (for example a topic like Digital marketing for dummies , Digital marketing salary or What is digital marketing?) and share it using all possible channels be it social media channels, email marketing or direct shares. Put all your knowledge of Digital marketing options to full use on your own blog. When you write make sure to optimize the text using SEO – Search Engine Optimization techniques. Implement back link building techniques. Create internal links to your other blogs once you have written a number of articles. Make sure you upload high quality images, at the same time compress them so that it does not take too long for the website to load. Research keywords and write more, publish more to keep your blog afloat. Once you have the confidence over your work and on your website, you can submit it to Google Adsense and upload ads on your site to earn passive income.

There is so much that practice can help you achieve. You may also face challenges but the joy once you overcome them with your own intelligence and hard work really makes things worth a while.

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