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Digital marketing has several categories or groups. There are jobs available in the market for each of the Digital marketing Types and categories. When someone asks the question what is digital marketing they are mainly referring to all of the below mentioned categories or types that is a culmination of what digital marketing truly is. These categories include social media marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), search engine ranking, Google ad words, content marketing, e-mail marketing, web analytics and so much more. Each of these groups also has a variety of branches and fields inside them. As a digital marketer it is important that one learns each of these terms in and out and its functions.

Social media marketing is both paid and organic. Social media channels include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. This is mostly to spread brand awareness and create engagement.

SEO – search engine optimisation – this method drives traffic to your business from various search engines. This is a free tool when used diligently.  Keywords and rich, well-written content is the main way to do this.

Content marketing – creation and distribution of valuable content is the simple definition of this digital marketing type. This however needs to be done strategically. Content is created and sent out and later the product is introduced. Since the audience is already familiar with the brand and what it does, the audience might just make an investment to further add value with the usage of the product or service in their own lives.

Email marketing – this is one of the greatest ways to generate revenues. Statistics indicate 94% of people use emails, while only 60% people are using social media channels on a daily basis.

Sales funnel – this is the most complex step in digital marketing. In order to achieve sales via digital marketing one needs to know all the digital marketing steps well. This usually comes with some experience. There are usually a few steps before someone makes a purchase from your business (especially if it is unique). First step is the awareness, if one does not understand the product you are selling or what type of service you are offering how is he or she expected to buy it? The second step is creation of interest, now that they know what your brand does, how do you peak their interest so that it allows them to find out more details and go in deeper into your brand? Third, is the decision making, if everything goes well, the customer has a decision to make and take an action.

The ultimate goal of digital marketing is to create sales, to get more clients, to get new clients, to get repeat clients. All of the above mentioned digital marketing types are needed and are of high importance in creating your brand name, having it recognised by the people and eventually allowing people to purchase from your brand – be a product that you are selling, a course or vocation or a particular service. Always remember that people today are much smarter than they used to be when there was no internet. Today, creating awareness if a matter of a few clicks and there you are live and out in the open in the world. However, the competition has also grown and people are making use of all of these digital platforms as well to do better in their business. The numbers of Digital marketing options have caused businesses to reach every pocket of audience. Businesses have been seen moulding their strategies as per the requirements of the people and selling their wares accordingly. Here is where the role of digital marketing comes into play. The only winner in this game is one who gives quality. Without good quality of your product, no matter how well you do in marketing, you are bound to reach a dead end sooner or later. Therefore make sure to invest enough time and energy on creating something worth the time of your audience as well as their money.

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