Organic Fertilizers Are the Future of Sustainable Agricultural.

Written by surajpatel

Organic fertilizers are
chemical-free and made of 100% natural products. Only a few premium brands in
India manufacture organic fertilizers. These are among the most preferred types
of fertilizers in the market. The organic
fertilizer market
consists of 100% organic material. It does not contain
any harmful chemicals. Organic Fertilizer ensures that the farms stay fertile
for longer durations. Many premium organic
fertilizer manufacturers in India
manufacture products that are
bio-degradable. They do not pollute the environment. The protein content in
such fertilizers is much higher.

Organic fertilizers have an
organic content of more than 50%. It consists of amino acids and other
components like cysteine, isoleucine and methionine. The organic fertilizer industry is known to improve the soil structure.
This also improves the soil ability to hold water with higher nutrient content.
Organic Fertilizer also helps in
improving the microbial content of the soil. They have much higher carbon
content. These types of organic fertilizers contain carbon, nitrogen,
phosphorus, and potassium. These are a feed for the soil microbes. This enables
the microbes to make the nutrients available for the plants. They thrive in a
natural biological process. Organic
also have micro/ macronutrients that thrive well in all soil
types. Such fertilizer reduces the need for chemical pesticides.

Almost 80%
of households buy organic products. This is also true for organic fertilizers.
The many advantages and some disadvantages should be considered while
purchasing organic fertilizers. The fertilizer industry employs animal and/or
plant waste for its fertilizer needs. These are processed and used for many
farming-related needs.

Advantages of Organic Fertilizer:

the structure of the soil:

Organic fertilizers contain
organic matter which improves soil structure. This improves the ability of the
soil to hold water or nutrients.

in the thriving of microbes:

synthetic fertilizers have chemicals and molecules that do not have carbon. The
chemicals disrupt the microbes but organic
have organic matter useful for the thriving microbes. Carbon is
consistent of organic fertilizers.


fertilizers are useful as they harm marine life or the quality of water. The
best thing about organic fertilizers
is that do not runoff. They associate with the soil structure. The organic
fertilizers increase the biodiversity of marine species.

the cost of Fertilizers:

fertilizers are less expensive than synthetic. They also reduce the need for
pesticides. These reductions in different types of fertilizers make organic
fertilizer cost-neutral.

damage to plant:

fertilizers cause damage to plants, the roots and leaves. This damage to plants
can be reduced by the use of organic fertilizers.

demerits of organic fertilizers are that not all organic fertilizers are
consistent. Also in certain organic
, the nutrients are much less. They become complex in the
organic structure of the molecule.

that manufacture organic fertilizers are environmental pleasing. The organic
fertilizers boost crop production and decrease the use of chemical fertilizer.
These fertilizers are useful when the land area limited. Organic foods are the
best quality when the vegetables are grown in bio-pesticides.

Sun Agri Export Company
manufactures and exports a wide range of organic chemicals, fertilizers, bio-pesticides
and animal feed. They are the biggest organic fertilizers Suppliers in India.
They regulate growth and are safe. They are one of the major organic fertilizers exporters in India. 

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